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Lampoonesque Picture of the Day


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Lampoonesque Picture of the Day

I used to love the photo sections of National Lampoon with signs that, intentionally or not, sounded really funny. This one's a bit politically incorrect, but we stayed across from it once when we were in Edmonton, and it gave us a giggle each time we went outside. I had been kicking myself for not bringing a camera, but my father-in-law obliged last time he was out there:

Chin Kee

By way of recompensing for the guilty chuckles, I must inform you, using what skills I have looking up things in Chinese dictionaries (there is a method to it!) that the restaurant's name translates as "Golden Memories Restaurant" :)

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Comment from: para sayma makinesi [Visitor]
para sayma makinesi

Nice parking I guess

07/20/13 @ 09:55