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Isolated Big Baby Syndrome


  11:23:39 pm, by Nimble   , 280 words  
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Isolated Big Baby Syndrome

This baby has still not arrived, but it is getting huge! At the ultrasound this morning, we got an median estimate of 11 pounds 7 ounces plus or minus a pound and a half... so basically, anything from 10 to 13 pounds is what we're expecting.

(As to why it's so much more satisfying to get baby weights in pounds than in kilograms, I don't know. Maybe it's the magical number 10?)

The technician this morning noticed something about the placenta, which I am surmising may help figure out why this baby is so big despite there being no diabetes or gestational diabetes involved, or even any family history of big babies.

She was taking some sort of measurement of the blood flow from the placenta to the baby, and indicated its value was 1.6, which she found very unusual, since at this point in the pregnancy, it is supposed to be down to 0.8. 1.6 is a more typical value from 30 weeks, not from the 40+ weeks we are at.

I'm not sure if giving the baby so much more blood is actually the reason the baby is so big, but we lack other reasons why this baby is so much over the 90th percentile in growth rate.

Armed with such a weight estimate, the maternity clinic has moved up our induction date to this upcoming Sunday, a mere eight days after our due date. I'm not entirely sure what to expect... will they keep us all day, will they send us home for a while, will they keep checking on us... but I'm glad it's sooner rather than later - it was going to be next Wednesday!

We will keep you posted right here on Monster Baby TV!


Comment from: Auntie Enn [Visitor]  
Auntie Enn

Keep me informed!! =DDD

09/14/07 @ 18:00
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

We have every intention of packing up the baby bag and camera, just because we’re not sure how fast the induction will “take"! We’re not too far away from the hospital, but I’m also intent on keeping my wife-abandonment duration to a minimum if things happen quickly :)

They gave us a rather large list of things to bring in the baby bag. How did you get by with just a handbag? What did they provide? :)

09/15/07 @ 00:23
Comment from: dena [Member]  

Definitely appreciate your passing on your thoughts on this, Antigone. :)

We will show up with our bags with us (or at least in the trunk of the car…)!

09/15/07 @ 01:37