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Incident On Calgary LRT This Morning


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Incident On Calgary LRT This Morning

At around 9:55 (just before 10:00 am) on February 5, 2007 (this morning), an incident took place on the Westbound City Centre LRT in Calgary on the left hand side of the front part of the last car in the train, from just before the 1st Street station until the 4th Street station.

The perpetrator, a foul-mouthed young woman with very short hair, attacked a young long-haired woman on the LRT who dared speak up about her. I did not get to witness the start of the incident, but based on where people were sitting, the short-haired young woman got out of her seat to attack the other woman, also threatening a beating if she were to leave the train.

The short-haired woman had blood on the bridge of her nose; it is likely that the blood was not hers. The long-haired woman who was attacked had her glasses broken. Other passengers endeavoured to break up the fight, but the damage was already done.

I managed to get an unfortunately blurry picture of the perpetrator and the friend that she was travelling with, who both left the train at the 4th Street station:


If you have any information, such as recognizing the person involved (based on her over-reaction, this is unlikely to be her first attack on someone else), please provide the information in comments; I will endeavour to pass them along if I am contacted in this case.

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