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Icy Dead People


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Icy Dead People

I am glad that Terri can finally rest in peace. I hope that Michael can heal, and that the parents can finally start coming to terms with her passing.

Not two days afterwards, Pope John Paul II, an extremely engaging emissary of the Catholic faith, also passed away.

Not to be too heartless, but I'm glad it happened in that order, and that close. The frenzy being whipped around Terri to push agendas has been extraordinarily diminished. The attention has been taken to someone for whom prayer is much more appropriate.

He was an interesting man. The first Polish pope, he reached out to other countries in a way previously uncharacteristic. He dug up some of the dark legacies of the church and made reconciliations with science, clearing Galileo's name, and bolstered the church's support for evolution as "more than a hypothesis" in 1996. He has extended a friendly hand to the Jews, denounced war and capital punishment, and built a bank of goodwill.

Not all roses, of course. His stand on contraception has had some profoundly deleterious effects on population growth and the spread of STDs, through aid agencies as much as anything else, and some of his thoughts on sexuality were, quite frankly, extreme.

Still, what shoes to fill...

Spookily, death and disease in prominent figures seems to be dominating the news recently. Peter Jennings has come down with inoperable lung cancer, causing a spooky number of celebrity survivors and widows to come out of the woodwork for a Larry King interview. Prince Rainier of Monaco has died as well.

It's amazing the twists and turns the media has taken in the face of these deaths. I, for one, will be sad for the moment...

...but I will appreciate for the moment the small amount of breathing room offered by a media resting while they are confused about what to sensationalize next :)

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