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Hot Chick Tracts


  02:17:46 pm, by Nimble   , 127 words  
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Hot Chick Tracts

Link: http://www.316now.com/heaven.html

I must admit, I like this idea. Jack Chick tracts made into video, under the title "Hot Chicks".

Well... I must admit, I only like the idea with the intentions of parody aforethought.

The art of parodying Jack Chick reminds me of the wonderful summoner geeks video based on the Dead Alewives' response to Jack Chick's infamous little horrid tract, Dark Dungeons.

I do so hate Jack Chick tracts. Bad, literalist theology combined with a snuff film version of every ignorant parent's fantasies about what their children could be doing every second they are out from under their parent's crushing, caring thumbs. Did Jack Chick know better? Did he care? Had your Persecution Flakes this morning?

The DVD might be worth $20 for a good parody of hate :)


Comment from: Jackson [Visitor]  

I’ve seen it! It’s worth every penny for “a parody of hate” cuz the cool part is that they film it SHOT FOR SHOT and tell it WORD FOR WORD, so it really is just Jack Chick’s idea of the world. It’s somehow even more disturbing to see as a film, because it’s just that much weirder a world-view – and Jack seems to hate everyone! I say check it out!

12/09/06 @ 21:43
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

Did you see it when it was playing at festivals?

I wish Dark Dungeons had made the list of skits included, but Jack Chick has so much hate, I realize the creators would have found it hard to choose.

They make it sound like the $20 is going to go into funding more things like this…

Make a $20 donation to our film collective to help us bring more dazzling films to the screen!

That makes it almost doubly worth it :)

Are there any special features on the DVD that you’ve heard of at all? I’d just like to see someone on the crew talking about the DVD and its inspiration, and hopefully in the most mature and calm yet visceral manner possible :)

12/09/06 @ 22:51