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Honeymoon Destinations


  03:23:48 am, by Nimble   , 418 words  
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Honeymoon Destinations

We didn't get a honeymoon after our wedding - being in the middle of a teaching year. We got a little getaway at the Sheraton Cavalier right after the wedding, spoiling ourselves with a giant jacuzzi bath and the like for two days. We need a real honeymoon, though. We plan to have children relatively soon, so a 'big blowout' before this event sounds absolutely fantastic.

There are so many places we could go. We could go back to Europe, we could go to the orient (Dena taught in South Korea and I went on a student exchange to China once upon a time), but what has been really drawing us is Africa.

There are two things we're looking for in addition to the regular safari experience. We are looking to see gorillas, and we're looking to see Zanzibar. One outfit that looks interesting and still affordable is Kumuka. A coworker of mine did a Europe and Egypt tour through them and really enjoyed himself. The ultimate tour that's drawing us is this one - 35 freaking days. I, uh, have a lot of holidays built up :) Might be cutting things close with travel time, though, so we may have to check out other options.

I'll have to start brushing up on my Swahili. I only remember how to say "hello" (Jambo), "thanks" (Tafadhali) and "I have eaten all your children at home" (Mekula watoto wote nyumbani).

Comment by Adam:

Go for the 35 day tour. It may be the most enjoyable $3000US you get to spend in a very long time. If you do, I'll be most envious. Hmm, maybe I'll mortgage my house again and join you... :)

Comment by Ritchie:

That's $3000 EACH, and it doesn't include airfare, but it could still be a vacation we truly owe ourselves. I think it's about $2800 for two people round trip to Nairobi as well. Could get a car instead. But we'll likely not be able to do something like this ever again.

I'm got an East Africa guide from Lonely Planet. I think I'll check out the outfits there as well, though it's hard to see how the safaris can get a lot cheaper than that based on what I've seen so far. You never know, though. I think even Kumuka is based in the UK, so they have that bit of overhead. Another interesting UK outfit is Dragoman Overland (http://www.dragoman.com/search/tripresults.php?where=G&start=10)... they're the one that has things like the half-YEAR trips.

We'll see :)

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