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Hole In The World

11/20/06 | by Adam | Categories: Silly

Link: http://map.pequenopolis.com/

More stupid Google (TM) Tricks! This one is via Pharyngula, one of Ritchie's preferred blogging sites. It allows you to choose where you live, and then drills a hole through the world to show you what's on the direct opposite. And no, popular referencing aside, the default destination is not Australia (you'd need to live in the middle of the Atlantic ocean for that.)

For what it's worth, drilling through from Calgary dumps you in the Indian ocean near the French Southern and Antarctic Islands.


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Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

It’s fun drilling in reverse as well, like clicking on that island and seeing the spot in south-east Alberta you’d need to drill straight through to get there.

Digging a hole to China would require a significant detour. That, and protection from lava.

I do like surfing over at Pharyngula. Occasionally, PZ there goes into extra-slavering mode, but I must admit that I agree at heart with a lot of things he says. He spends quite a bit of time attacking mainstream religion, though as with a lot of atheists, it’s the religion and the worst promulgators, not Aunt Peggy who can’t theologically justify the book of Job, that are the main focus of that ire. It’s like reading Dawkins (which can be misinterpreted) versus interacting with Dawkins (which can as well, but you actually get to find out what he’s really not offended at).

PZ’s got quite the cephalopod focus as well, which means a lot of products come up that are just perfectly suited thematically to Armando…

My recent favourite being the squid-brain ties: http://cyberoptix.com/squid.php - but I must say that the giant plush squid is also a favourite: http://modernsquid.com/

11/20/06 @ 15:50
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