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Hidden Songs In The Key Of X

08/20/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology

A while ago, I picked up "Songs In the Key of X" which was a tribute (?) album to the X-Files. I remember hearing a few years ago that there was a hidden track on it. The track (two actually) exist in slot 0 (i.e. before the CD starts, and don't get played normally.) When I ripped the CD using AudioGrabber on the Dell laptop none of the track list settings brought up the hidden tracks. I searched around the internet for a bit and found another method: reset the sector count to 0. On trying to use it, I got an ASPI error. Even leading a few frames in didn't help, so I gave up. When I tried again on my desktop -- whaddya know -- it works!

The first song is a rather dark Nick Cave effort while the second is an off-beat remix of the X-Files theme. They're worth seeking out.


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