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Hell Pizza?


  03:00:35 am, by Nimble   , 134 words  
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Hell Pizza?

Link: https://www.hell.co.nz/index.jsp?city=Christchurch

I was looking at threads on Fark as usual and someon had posted a funny billboard as an ad for, well, the sign just listed hell.co.nz at the bottom.

So what is hell, then?

About the funniest site for a pizza place I've ever seen.

All the pizzas have an "evil" theme. (Quite frankly, I'd remember "Hawaiian" a lot better than I remember "Greed") The list of ingredients they put on a pizza ranges from the mundane to the quite bizarre (avocado, tuna, satay... er, refried beans? apricot sauce? pine nuts?)

Also, you can fling the little devils around the screen on the website, which they fully deserve :)

Kinda wish we had one here, but I wonder if its success depends on how much of a sense of Kiwi humour you have :)

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