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Hacker, Hack Thyself


  01:52:00 am, by Nimble   , 274 words  
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Hacker, Hack Thyself

I'm sure this one has made the rounds before (it's from April), but I just love the [possibly apocryphal?] story and didn't encounter it until just today.

It answers the question: what happens when a angry, blustering, amateur "hacker" who feels powerful because they have downloaded hacker tools... meets people who know simple networking :)

The story...

Comment by Adam:

Cute! I'm continually amazed at the number of technical people who don't understand that "localhost" or "" refers to their own machine. I'm slightly less surprised at the number who do know that but don't understand the concept of loopback versus routers just sending packets back.

(And I'm also testing the RSS feed so generally ignore this spurious comment!)

Comment by Ritchie:

And how is the RSS feed working?

*laugh* I tried to keep up with blogs using SharpReader for a while, then work got utterly insane and I didn't have the attention span any more...

SharpReader really does grab things far too often by default. I'll have to look up the reader Tom was recommending after having tried SharpReader. (Of course, if it looks like a Unix shell prompt, I'll laugh ;)

Comment by Adam:

I'm using Trillian's RSS feed monitor. I only have it set up at work rather than at home. It seemed to work fine other than for some reason all of the updates appeared at once, typically at the same time each day, rather than when they were posted which does break the timely RSS concept a bit. Since I have it polling every five minutes or so, I would assume it's your aggregrator that's updating the RSS page once a day.

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