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09/28/06 | by Adam | Categories: Macintosh

Link: http://blogs.msdn.com/macmojo/archive/2006/08/31/733040.aspx

Bugs, how I love them ... I love hunting them down and killing them. Hunting down and killing the developer who caused the bug would be just as much fun if it weren’t illegal in every country in the world, that and programmers would probably be an extinct species if every programmer who had a fix a bug killed off the guy who created it ... and of course if they introduced the bug … well you get the picture, it's not pretty.

It comes from one of the initial posts in the group blog from the Mac Business Unit (MacBU) over at Microsoft. One of the interesting things about the MacBU is how focused on the Macintosh they are -- they're the closest I've seen to the old Amiga users in terms of enthusiasm and interest. That they're at Microsoft at all seems like an anomaly. With the ongoing migration over to OSX as my primary operating system it's nice to know that even in Redmond there's a future for the system.


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