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Google Your Own Tech Support


  01:26:17 am, by Nimble   , 294 words  
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Google Your Own Tech Support

Oh boy, did I ever have fun with my web space provider over the past while. I just have a cheapie account with a 300 Mb quota, which has been more than sufficient for my needs.

So when the account usage suddenly grows by 100 Mb overnight without me having uploaded any files, I get worried. Especially when that trips it over quota. You can create new files... but you can't put anything in them.

So I started talking to tech support...

First I said "my account usage says over 300 Mb, but my disk usage is only around 210 Mb - what gives?". I get back a response saying "Your disk usage is indeed 208 Mb. If you need anything else, let us know". Oh dear. I should have known I was in trouble right there.

I asked a second time about the quota usage, and they went off and "fixed" it... by deleting all my files.

A panicked e-mail later, and thank goodness they do backups, they had the files back, though not with the right permissions. Took a couple of tries for them to get the permissions right. While I'm doing this, I deleted some movies (for directions on how to get to the wedding, which is long over) to get just enough space for doing things, and the account usage jumped up again!

So I started Googling the issue in more depth myself, and dug around on the 'net until I found some possibilities here and here, and sent them along (instructions on how to fix quotas that are out of sync with real disk usage).

One of those must have done it, because I am at last back to operating under an account usage that matches what I'm actually using. It's nice to be back :)

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