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GIF is Free at Last!


  03:52:21 pm, by Nimble   , 32 words  
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GIF is Free at Last!

October 1, 2006, there will be no more worldwide patent impediments to using the GIF format for pictures.

People making their own gaudy animation software for MySpace users heave a global sigh of relief :)


Comment from: Adam [Member]  

User Friendly had an interesting take on this on Sunday:


10/02/06 @ 16:30
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

*laugh* I wonder if the UserFriendly folks have had the date marked in their calendar for a while.

Using PNG’s still going to be a badge of honour for a while, and it still has, well, better colour resolution.

They should have come up with an animation format for PNG sooner rather than later, though. APNG sounds like a better tack than the previous one (APNG would appear as a still frame to non-animation-aware-but-still-PNG-supporting browsers), but it’ll be a pretty long acceptance arc now.

10/03/06 @ 12:10