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Gender inverted Nimblebrain

11/22/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Silly

Link: http://regender.com/swap/http://blogs.nimblebrain.net/

Another entry in the wacky Internet tools category. Via QBlog, I found Regender, an amusing little hack that works much like Altavista's Babelfish engine; it "translates" a page by switching genders and names. Title link goes to the inverted version of Nimblebrain. What surprised me was how little actually changed outside of some names; guess we've got that gender-neutral writing style down pat.

It's not terribly smart and there are some phrases that just don't work in translation. For example, the term "buxom ladies" comes out as "buxom lords" which, while amusing, doesn't quite work. I'm still unsure as to how "Bee Gees" becomes "Benjamin Gees" too. It figures though that "Ritchie" would be the same in either case...


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