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Evolution For Teachers


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Evolution For Teachers

Link: http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evosite/evohome.html

Berkeley has a great, simple, straightforward site for teachers on evolution. In the wake of the recent expansion of fundamentalist (at its core) attacks on evolution despite a century and a half of solid science behind it, it's especially heartening to see some outward-facing educational and mythbusting programs about evolution, pro-evolution instead of merely anti-anti-evolution.

Most appreciated are the decent and occasionally funny cartoons and pictures that are sprinkled liberally throughout the pages. This one showing that evolution doesn't involve creatures "trying" to evolve something is cute, but I must say this one is my favourite, especially since the church down from where I used to live posted the pithy inanity on their sign, "Does evolution rob our children of hope?"

The site may be intended for teachers, but quite frankly, this is a great resource for anybody, just as good or better than their evolution site for everyone.

Way to go, Berkeley, and especially the folks who worked on it!

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