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End of an era: bye bye MUSE

09/03/07 | by Adam | Categories: Games

Link: http://www.youhaventlived.com/qblog/2007/QBlog310807A.html

On QBlog, Richard Bartle has announced that MUSE, his company created to license MUD amongst other things, is closed. For me this is very much the end of a period. I started playing MUD (aka "Multi-User Dungeon", a text-based but extremely sophisticated multi-user fantasy game) back in the early 80's using British Telecom's "Telecom Gold", a proprietary service analagous to Compuserve. MUSE came into existence around the same time. I played MUD on and off for years using various technologies so for me MUSE and MUD represent a growing understanding of computers and data communications which heavily influenced my subsequent career.

I don't play MUD at all any more but I still have a somewhat nostalgic feeling towards it. A seminal part of my youth? Yeah, I think so. Thank you MUD, MUSE and Mr Bartle.


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