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Early Honeymoon?


  04:06:37 am, by Nimble   , 173 words  
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Early Honeymoon?

I just got a call yesterday from the folks at Garnier, with a message to call them back...

Just before noon, I managed to get a hold of Lara at the number they left.

Did I win hair care products? A new line of skin care products? Chocolate?


I won a trip to Switzerland!

Holy crap!

They're sending details within the next couple of days, although Google still has a cache of the contest. The trip has to be taken before the end of July, which means it happens before my wedding in October :)

(Actually, I'm not at all going to count this as an early honeymoon - we want to go somewhere exotic and highly nerd-appealing, like Africa, the cradle of humanity :) )

This is cool!

I'm think I'm a'gunna hafta go to CERN!

(On a side note - it seems like the Swiss Tourism Board must be in overdrive. This was one of four contests in the past few months offering trips to Switzerland as a prize - Garnier, St. Ives, Ricola and Nestle.)

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