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DeMille Technical Books Is Still Alive!


  01:19:00 am, by Nimble   , 184 words  
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DeMille Technical Books Is Still Alive!

UPDATE: DeMille has moved! They are now in the +15 at 639 5 Avenue Southwest in the Standard Life building.

Quite frankly, I thought they were done for when the very cool bookstore that they joined, McNally Robinson, closed its downtown Calgary store. It was sheer happenstance that on my way to pick up a lost book at the transit lost and found (what can I say; being a dad is tiring :) that I encountered the very much alive DeMille bookstore. It hasn't been open long, but it has been reincarnated at 207 6th Avenue. Cindy Chen and her colleague are engineers, and have a good, albeit still growing, collection of engineering books from the myriad disciplines of engineering. Their other sections are not as impressive, in particular the computer section, but they are looking for suggestions of books to carry. Their website is here, though it needs updating at least to tell people that, for starters, the promised store is actually open! Since Coles downtown seems to have backed out of the technical book business somewhat, knowing DeMille is still around is comforting. Go check them out!


Comment from: Charlie Perry [Visitor]
Charlie Perry

This is Charlie with DeMille Books. Thanks, Richie, for the announcement and for your enthusiasm. It is exciting to be re-opening DeMille Books since it has been an important resource to the professional community since 1956. The original founder, Evelyn DeMille is helping us in the background as advisor. Here is a site about Evelyn: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/women/002026-293-e.html
We appreciate your feedback on our website and the computer section. More stock is arriving every week, and we are building up this section, as well as the career, business and health sections. They should be up to the level of the engineering and technical sections soon.
We arelookign for the best references on finance and risk management in business investment, to help us all understand better how to deal with these difficult financial times.
Customer feedback is important so if you or any other readers have any specific suggestions please send a note or stop by the store again to share your thoughts.
We are at 207 6 Ave SW Calgary, tel 403 264-7411.

02/22/09 @ 21:42
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

You’re welcome, Charlie!

Glad to hear about the other sections coming up to par; I remember the computer section in McNally Robinson - that was a collection to be proud of, though I don’t know if it was under DeMille’s purvey at the time.

Please, please update your site so that it tells people that the bookstore is OPEN. It still doesn’t as of this writing!

02/28/09 @ 10:47
Comment from: Tanya Seeton [Visitor]
Tanya Seeton

May 25th 1965 a customer ordered a book from your store..
seems it wasn’t available and you sent her a card to let her know it would be about 3 weeks.
the stamp was 4 cents!!!

This card fell out of an incredibly old beat up Shakespear book that I just bought at a second hand store on the 25th of May this year!

part of me is curious…this is the first old book I ever bought
and I want to let E. Turnbull that this card and book was found..

I am really excited to share my find with you..and am hoping you might be able to help me find E.Turnbull.

05/31/12 @ 03:49
Comment from: Declan Barrett [Visitor]
Declan Barrett

I have to say that De Mille’s Bookstore is the one store where you will buy a higher proportion of the books on the shelves, than any other bookstore that I have come across.

Many bookstores sell volumes of books of moderate quality, with a few good reads, and plenty of temporary trend sellers.

But De Mille’s has real intellectual quality. These guys seem to filter extremely stringently, and then provide the best material to buyers. To get on a shelve in De Mille’s a book must have some serious value. It is the complete opposite of a newsagent in an airport which contain’s throwaway books. A book on the shelve in De Mille’s is such that you will be thinking of buy two copies of it.

It is for this reason I find myself composing this review of De Mille’s.

If you find yourself in Calgary, I recommend a visit. You will probably be very grateful that you visited it. It is also very easy to locate being close to the transit line in the downtown area of Calgary.

08/18/12 @ 06:25
Comment from: Kelly McDonald [Visitor]
Kelly McDonald

I have known Ms.Demille for over 25 years — if someone receives this email– PLEASE contact me ASAP.

on this email address.

thank you,


03/08/13 @ 18:53
Comment from: Charlie Perry [Visitor]
Charlie Perry

We at DeMille Books have sad news. Evelyn DeMille Passed away peacefully on October 31 this year. She was a wonderful woman, and great friend and a valued advisor to all of us here at DeMille Books.

11/18/13 @ 09:46
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

I’m so sorry to hear that, Charlie :(

04/29/14 @ 19:56