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Day Against DRM : October 3


  11:36:16 pm, by Nimble   , 52 words  
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Day Against DRM : October 3

Taking a subject more near and dear to Adam's heart, Defective By Design has October 3rd announced as "Day Against DRM".

That's a little better than the passive-aggressive I-won't-buy-your-crap I had planned; I'm impressed with social activism like this. "Those darned kids" are standing up for our rights.

From link at BoingBoing.

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Comment from: Adam [Member]  

Ultimately the passive-aggressive stance is more effective as it hits the companies in the pocketbook where it really hurts. Where these guys are effective is focusing attention on DRM and what it means so that more people will (hopefully) understand the issues and be able to take their own stance. Ultimately though the only issue that will make a difference is whether companies make more money with or without DRM.

10/02/06 @ 11:22