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Coulter and Carlin on Leno


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Coulter and Carlin on Leno

Tomorrow night (June 14th) on Leno: both right-wing hatemonger Ann Coulter and visceral ol' hippy George Carlin will be on.

Will they directly address one another at all? Will they have each other's love children?

I'm going to try to stay conscious for this one, and maybe record it for Dena :)

UPDATE: A little less in the way of sparks flying than I hoped for, but Carlin's a gentleman when it comes to other folks in arm's reach. They only showed a few camera pans when he was on the couch and Coulter was speaking - he seemed grimacy and uncomfortable, but trying to keep up good spirits. Leno asked a few of the hard questions, really seeming to want to get at the bottom of things (e.g. paraphrasing: have you ever been hurt by something someone else said or wrote?) but didn't really get to the bottom of things (e.g. paraphrasing: I was upset when the liberals didn't even get upset at blah). No, Leno, you're nice, but she's just not going to open up to you or anybody else :)

Myself, I keep wondering whether Coulter has that David Brock-esque feeling oppressed by college leftist culture living hypocritically spreading lies because the cause is more important than the truth type of thing going for her. I guess we'll have to wait for the diary after she dies - if someone disarms the self-destruction mechanism ;)
KT Tunstall was on the program - she had a one-man band setup and did a pretty good job. On her guitar was a sticker "This machine eats fascists" (I may only be approximating here). Didn't get to hear much of her Scottish accent, though.

(Dena on KT: She's a music nerd! [referring to her one-man band setup] I love nerds of all sorts!)

I wonder if Carlin will gear himself up for a new rant at all. Moments I am likely reading entirely too much into: near the end of Coulter's rant, he appeared to be trying to keep himself warm. Right at the end of KT's set, he went over and immediately clapped KT appreciatively on the back (for the song, the sticker, or both?). As I say, reading too much in :)

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