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Coolest Skeptic's Video Ever


  01:21:44 pm, by Nimble   , 104 words  
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Coolest Skeptic's Video Ever

This video of a talk by Michael Shermer is definitely one of the niftiest videos you may see about how your senses can be fooled.

He's the founding publisher of Skeptic magazine.

I must admit, though, I've bought the magazine before, and struggled to stay awake. I happen to own his How We Believe book, which is better than the magazine.

After watching the video, I think a documentary would be even better :)

Go ahead, rewind the video, too, if you think he was somehow playing different things. The reverse sound thing was particularly spooky. I'm disturbed that I can be primed that that.


Comment from: Adam [Member]  

It’s a neat talk, and I’m particularly amused by the scientifically correct recutting of the torch song at the end. It reminded me of Monty Python’s Galaxy Song (YouTube version.)

The other TED video I enjoyed is the one by ZeFrank.

11/25/06 @ 13:58
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

*laugh* Oh, good god that talk by Ze Frank was an odd one - he’s a fun nut.

I enjoyed his mini-videogames, in particular the first one.

His dancing on his own web page would probably be better with Sean Paul’s Get Busy in the background, but I guess he has bandwidth concerns to think about. I don’t have a microphone, so I can’t try out the frog (shed a tear :)

How many TED videos did you look through?

It’s too bad that the chance of ever attending TED, given that I’d have to have achieved notable success in my field, is next to none, but I guess having the videos will do in their place :)

11/26/06 @ 06:01