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Converting TDateTimes to System.DateTimes and back


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Converting TDateTimes to System.DateTimes and back

It's not straight-up obvious how to convert the Borland and Microsoft formats back and forth in code, but it does end up being pretty easy.

TDateTimes are in "OA" format, which is OLE/COM-compatible. The functions that convert back and forth to the OLE format work just fine for TDateTimes as well.

MSDate := DateTime.FromOADate(BorlandDate);
BorlandDate := MSDate.ToOADate();

The syntax is nigh identical on the C# side apart from the assignment operator (= instead of :=).

Note that if the TDateTime arrives as an object in C# somewhere, you can simply cast it as a double; you do not need to cast it specifically as a TDateTime.

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