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Contemporary hidden rooms

10/05/06 | by Adam | Categories: Silly

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/05/garden/05hidden.html?ex=1317700800&en=0fc4a05861b975fa&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss

I am in severe envy. Do I need a hidden room in my house? Absolutely not. Would I love one? Oh, yeah...



Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

Count us in that club as well, but you’re better situated to actually have one, which makes us jealous times two (for the people) times two (for the space to put a hidden space in)!

I worry about the weight capacity of the bookshelves/closet doors, but that style of hidden area is exactly like what Dena and I were just discussing last week when we dreamed of our future home :)

I’m sure holding off on a couple of Tramps runs and you can afford yourself one. I vote for another collectibles bookshelf in front of the decrepitish server room :)

10/06/06 @ 00:56
Comment from: dena [Member]  

Oh, YEAH! :)

Found a link to a cool how-to, complete with an “open the secret bookcase passage by tilting a book” mechanism. It’s based on a long dowel, of all things!


Yes, Ritchie and I both really want one of these somehow, somewhen…

10/06/06 @ 03:23
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