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Comment Spammers Redux


  11:19:54 pm, by Nimble   , 199 words  
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Comment Spammers Redux

Got comment-spammed this morning. Thirty-one comment spams between 4:53 AM and 5:00 AM. I get the sense that my web space provider was been doing some maintenance this morning. I think... I might be pretty thankful for that. Just semi-random crap from templates to accompany their web link.

The sad thing is, of course, they can post their link into the entry field for the comment, but I'm the only one who can see it. Google doesn't.

The spammers were taking advantage of the guestbook services over at the guestbook dot com (I have the actual link name banned for now) - the links all pointed to guest accounts over there, and each page had a small piece of Javascript to cobble together a redirection to search adv dot com (I will not do them the favour of linking to them).

Fortunately for me, since they used the same web page for all their spam, I just banned the guestbook dot com from being posted as a link, and managed to scoop out all the comments in one fell swoop.

Sad as it may be, banning Javascript from free accounts may be the only decent way to help control things like this.

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