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Coco Brooks


  11:20:11 am, by Nimble   , 312 words  
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Coco Brooks

Link: http://www.cocobrooks.ca/

Right next to Memory Express on 32rd, though the sign outside may bespeak a fancy bistro, it's nothing of the sort, really. It's a pretty casual place with lots of seating that serves individual pizzas, calzones, pasta and salads.

The pizzas are pre-made, and in fact part of their business is selling frozen pizzas, for take-home or for fundraising events. They will not customize the pizzas, which is okay because they have a fairly varied selection of thirty-odd flavours, including a few dessert pizzas, pizzas with eggs, and a pizza with pasta on it for kids.

The pizzas themselves taste pretty good, actually. Dena had the Ala Mo Wana (a pretty nice Hawaiian pizza variant), and I had the Hot Wing Pizza, which was chicken, parmesan and a good dollop of Frank's Red Hot (or a clone thereof). Tasty.

Particularly odd are the boxes that the pizzas come in. They've got little quotes up and down the sides, and under the lid, there's something semi-substantial to read. Dena's had a neat little tract on appreciating teachers (mildly odd, Dena being a teacher!), and mine had an entire little blurb on how research showed that you can read scrambled words pretty easily as long as the first and last letters are in the right place, and the blurb itself was scrambled in that fashion, and it's true: you can read it at least as quickly as you can read it aloud.

They recycle the pizza boxes, too, which confuses me a bit. I thought pizza grease and the like would totally prevent that from being feasible. What's the trick?

It's a nifty little spot if you've got a hankering for individual pizzas.

I think I'll have a salad next time I'm back. With odd things like Donair Salad and Peach Caesar Salad, I think I'd enjoy them :)

Here's a link to their menu...


Comment from: Lily [Visitor]  

Of course, I’ve known about Coco Brooks for a few years when Cary used to work at that Memory Express store. Soon after we had moved to Edmonton, we had a hankering for the pizza so on one of Cary’s numerous trips back to Calgary, he got about 100 of the frozen pizzas and brought them back. :)

Took us about a year to polish them off. :) But now, we don’t have to do a 3 hour road trip to get some good ‘za. It’s so good to be back in Calgary. :)

09/21/06 @ 02:24
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

You’re back in Calgary! Both glad to hear that (proximity-wise) and sad to hear that (reason-wise). Dena really likes their version of Hawaiian. Their salads are good, too, but I really don’t want them to come in that giant freaking bread bowl (I didn’t stare at the part of the menu mentioning that, unfortunately), because it’s not all that tasty and I ended up pitching it.

Welcome back, Booq :)

09/29/06 @ 11:15
Comment from: Brenda [Visitor]  

I am a rep for the textile industry and work with numerous types of business’. Your pizza never goes without a huge smile when received from my clients. It adds a personal and unique touch to a gift.

02/09/07 @ 09:45
Comment from: Andy [Visitor]

I see most people have had a good experience there but my family had a far different experience. Poor customer service and rude! A really bad place to eat IMO.

I’d steer clear of this establishment.

07/18/13 @ 14:55