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Canadian Museum for Human Rights


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Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Link: http://www.canadianmuseumforhumanrights.com

Of all the strange places to find support of the future Canadian Museum for Human Rights, I must say I wasn't expecting to see that at one of our favourite odd haunts, Princess Auto, a nifty and very miscellaneous tools and surplus (all kinds of surplus, from industrial fans to glowing antennas to thumbprint scanners) store.

They are really supportive of this. From a news item earlier this month:

“The reason I so strongly believe in this museum is that I believe in its power to transform,” said Bob Tallman, owner and CEO of Princess Auto. “Our team members will be sporting pins that say, ‘Imagine a world without hate,’ because we all believe this museum, with its innovative student program, its compelling journey of hope and its universal reach, is a vehicle by which we can imagine what is now unimaginable."

Tallman and his wife Cathy earlier donated $1 million to the museum.

It will be located in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the apparently very nice area known as The Forks.

It's intriguing to me that in addition to addressing racism, sexism and discrimination, bullying is being added onto the focus. There's been quite a public awareness campaign on bullying of late, but I hadn't thought that it would be added to the purvey of a human rights museum.

I wonder if it will focus on torture, too. That would be a highly appropriate finger to wag these days.

I hope the messages will be positive as well (for empathy, multiculturalism, etc.). Going to the genocide memorial in Kigali... it was a very impressive center, serene and sedate, and a stark reminder not just of what happened in Rwanda, but in Cambodia, Germany, and elsewhere.

I'll probably donate, actually. Human rights are a concern of mine, and this is certainly a much higher grade than a bumper sticker.

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