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Canada Day Fireworks in Strathmore


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Canada Day Fireworks in Strathmore

Spending a pretty relaxing evening with the in-laws yesterday, we got out to see the fireworks. They moved it from the nearby pond to a bigger venue, which was understandable given the increasing population of Strathmore, but which robbed us of reflections in the water.

It was a mighty good show, as always. I do wonder whether fireworks technology really has just for some reason really advanced over the past five or ten years, or whether the really cool stuff is getting cheaper, or we're getting richer sponsors, or what have you. There were some very nifty effects on the go.

There were plenty of 'Rice Krispie'-sounding rockets. There were rockets that not only spewed a bright spiral trail on their way up, but had a grand regular fireworks explosion at the top. There was a cluster that burned really brightly on the way down and just lit up the place.

My favourite was one that exploded into some sixteen spinning white "spiral galaxies". They only had the one, though; it must have been pricy.

It's nice when you can get out of Calgary, whose fireworks are often amazing but impossible to get near without hours of advance planning, out to somewhere where it's still possible to park and just walk a couple of blocks, and where the fireworks are still pretty grand :)

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