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Calgary Transit's Sonic Assault


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Calgary Transit's Sonic Assault

Well, well.

I just had to blog about high-frequency young-person annoyance devices, didn't I?

Just this past week, Calgary Transit has been piping in a rising and falling very high pitch tone at McKnight station...


It's pretty much constant, except for when they play the jungle bird sounds (I kid you not), but this respite is all too brief.

This is all great fun sitting on the LRT platform, waiting for a train to arrive (our bus driver has been several minutes late most of this week, just making us miss the usual train), with nowhere else to go with this bloody high-pitched siren noise, with no loiterers anywhere around to justify playing the sound. I wouldn't mind it so mind if it were driving roving gangs of yobs away, but to just leave it playing in a bloody loop!

It penetrates the train car when the doors are open, leaves my ears ringing for a good 10-20 minutes afterwards, and has made me cranky all this week.

Time for that great Canadian tradition: the written complaint letter!

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