Category: "Silly"

Worth its weight in gold

08/31/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
But is it? Density and market prices determine the answer! (Via Boing Boing) more »

Greatest video evar!

08/14/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly, YouTube
Beaker from the Muppets does all of the parts of Ode to Joy solo. I can't find words to emphasize how good this is. more »

Xkcd on Literary Criticism

07/25/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
Ouch. That said, the English Literature degree was an excellent way of learning bullshit detection for use later in life... more »

Alternate fuel sources

07/21/08 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Silly
This is a new one on me. Apparently Charles Windsor of the Windsor Windsors has converted his Aston Martin DB6 to run off white wine. Technically, it's actually ethanol-powered but since the source is in fact surplus white wine I prefer the other… more »

Just because...

07/20/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
Sometimes things pop into one's head for no obvious reason. Today, it was the following quote from PW Botha (as portrayed by Spitting Image, a puppet based political satire from the 1980's): My fellow South Africans, I feel it is time to tell you the… more »

Curious names in taxonomy

07/09/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
Link is to a site that collects the wacky humour of biologists when it comes to naming species. (Via Pharynugla) more »

The apocalypse is upon us...

07/06/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
Starbucks is to close 600 stores. Due to the downturn in the economy, fewer people are willing to spend their disposable income on overpriced, burnt coffee. (Via Inkless Wells) more »

Bishop's University has a new principal

06/30/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
After the somewhat unfortunate affair of staff striking over the choices made by its then-principal, Robert Poupart, Bishop's University in Quebec now has a new one. I have no comment on this since I only met Poupart once (he seemed a decent fellow at… more »

Rules lawyers and the Joy Of Cooking

06/24/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
Anyone who has played a game -- particularly tabletop RPGs or boardgames -- knows that there'll be some pillock who knows exactly how to manipulate the written word of the rules to work exactly how they need. Now imagine that applied to cooking... more »

Roomba and pets

06/23/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly, YouTube
Nice little video on Gizmodo's page (itself linking to the Wall Street Journal article) about trying to get pets and Roombas to co-exist. Given I have both at the moment, it amused me. (Via Gizmodo) more »

Recreations of classic photographs in Lego

06/09/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
Very nicely done. (Via Gizmodo) more »


05/24/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
I don't think I'd want to get stuck behind this bus. more »

A hamster wheel with a difference

05/21/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
I don't actually own a hamster, but if I did, I'd buy this set of wheels for it. more »

McSweeneys on librarians

05/20/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
Oooh, the burn... (Via Antigone) more »

iPhone Mega

05/19/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly, iPhone
More "silly" than "technology". (Via Kottke) more »

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