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Microsoft Windows' "Genuine Advantage"

03/15/07 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
As some wag said recently: "Whose advantage?" more »

Musical Plagiarism

02/28/07 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
One of the more interesting stories to come out of the world of classical music recently is that of the recordings of the late British pianist, Joyce Hatto. She retired from the public eye for a few years to fight and recover from cancer. At some point… more »

More wonderful patent insanity

02/26/07 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
I'm going to preface this thing with the "IANAL" disclaimer. I wouldn't normally defend Microsoft but this latest suit against them by Alcatel-Lucent just seems wrong. The summary of the Wired story is that Microsoft violated AL's patent around MP3… more »

Time for a copyright law update

01/11/07 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
Looks like boneheaded copyright laws are back on the agenda here in Canada. (Via BoingBoing) more »

What's good for the goose is good for the gander

12/04/06 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
Not really a lot to add to Engadget's comment on copyright infringement by the family of music studio Edgar Bronfman. more »

The sadly short lifetime of game music

12/01/06 | by Adam | Categories: Music, Copyright, Games
Ian Welsh over at The Agonist has a good run down on the DRM in Microsoft Vista and what it means. It's a good article, but Vista's not what I'm interested in for this discussion. There's a brief reference to imbedded DRM on purchased downloaded music.… more »

"Self Help" in Microsoft's Vista EULA

11/23/06 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
Interesting article on the Register about the process of "self-help" wherein one party to a contract can unilaterally deprive the other member of the contract. In the case of Vista, the discussion is about Microsoft's ability to terminate the user's… more »

Use of abandonware legal in the US again

11/23/06 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
Good to see the US's copyright law moving in the right direction for once: it's now going to be legal to hack copy protection on computer software and video machines that are no longer available, including those that use hardware-based methods such as… more »

DMCA abuse? Surely not?

11/17/06 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
Surprise. BestBuy issues a DMCA take-down on a site that publishes information about their discount pricing. 'Cause everyone knows that a free market works best with perfect information and no commercial entity would ever try to hinder that. So… more »

Something's rotten in the state of Washington

11/17/06 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
Ok, now this is just plain under-handed and sneaky. Summary of the BoingBoing'd article is that Microsoft has some patents that Novell, owner of SUSE Linux distribution, has licensed from them; in turn, Microsoft is now claiming that all other varieties… more »

Gracenote on CDDB

11/13/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Music, Copyright
A week or so ago, I made an offhand comment critical of Gracenote, the developer of CD recognition tool CDDB, about them taking a publically generated database commercial. I objected to this based on the fact that at the time no one knew they would be… more »

A Case Study In DRM Music

11/03/06 | by Adam | Categories: Music, Copyright
The summary of the story is that Microsoft is discontinuing their old MSN Music store, and the DRM'd files it sold are not compatible with anything else. While the story quotes Microsoft saying that tracks could be burned to CD in this case, I've seen… more »

The web is forever... (kinda)

10/19/06 | by Adam | Categories: Music, Copyright
A few years ago -- 2003 to be precise -- I wrote up an article on ripping DRM'd CDs to MP3 and stuck it on my website. I updated it a bit last year and then forgot about it. Today, the feedback mechanism on the site produced this: Just wanted to say… more »

Your regular DRM update

09/21/06 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
Want to see why I'm moving away from Windows? OSX may not be better in the long run, but at least so far it's not moving in this direction. more »

Oh lordy, not more DRM

09/18/06 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
One of my hot buttons is, and has been for a while, Digital Rights Management (aka DRM.) The main overall change is that the content (the music, movie or book) is no longer considered to be sold but merely licensed. The ability to then sell your copy… more »

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