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Sam Brownback

I just read an article on Rolling Stone about this man, and it personifies everything that frightens me about the theocratization movements south of the border. It's a long article, but the thrust of Sam Brownback can be understood from a few quotes...… more »


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Judgment In Dover Is In!

Judge Jones put a lot of thought and effort into this. The judgment, found here, is a staggering (to me) 139 pages long, yet it is easy to read, thorough, and utterly definitive: the Dover School Board was religiously motivated, and violated the… more »


  03:07:01 am, by Nimble   , 629 words  
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Weighing In On Intelligent Design On The Radio

I was reading an interesting news article summarizing the life and times of Mirecki, the professor at the center of a firestorm in Kansas where he was to teach a class talking about mythologies including Intelligent Design, had to drop the course and… more »


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Okay, this is going to be controversial. I don't know what sort of disclaimer I can offer other than to say this is about me. They're my views, and even if you disagree vehemently with them, you may be able to see, at least, where they come from.… more »


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Light-Hearted Monkey Trial

I'm always interested in things that go on south (or, perish the thought, north) of the border here, to see what the latest shenanigans of creationism, or its smartly-dressed, smooth-talking brother, Intelligent Design. So, the goings-on in the case… more »


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I just get such a kick out of the satire of Intelligent Design that has been catching on, that of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. more »


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Let Terri Go!

Okay, okay, everyone and their dog has weighed in on this case already, but it has been much on my mind. What should have remained a relatively local, personal tragedy has turned into the a bigger battle cry for 'human rights' than Rwanda ever did. more »


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The Reed Sea

I'm always one for finding natural explanations for 'miraculous' phenomena, especially when some pieces of the original meaning get lost in translation. I came across this link about the parting of the Red Sea. Not all such things have to have a… more »

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