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The New Conservatives

Normally, I don't get much up in arms about politics up here, but I've been worried. The Liberal party has been embroiled in financial scandals - mild compared to US and even Alberta - yet telling of an abuse of incumbency. In olden days I would have… more »


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History of the Neoconservatives

In following my typical spider-web of links when I get going on a reading spree, I came across a link to a pretty interesting article in Reason Magazine. Give it a read-see. You can skip a lot, but do not miss the Irving Kristol quotes. I've read a lot… more »


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Icy Dead People

I am glad that Terri can finally rest in peace. I hope that Michael can heal, and that the parents can finally start coming to terms with her passing. Not two days afterwards, Pope John Paul II, an extremely engaging emissary of the Catholic faith,… more »