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Day Against DRM : October 3

Taking a subject more near and dear to Adam's heart, Defective By Design has October 3rd announced as "Day Against DRM". That's a little better than the passive-aggressive I-won't-buy-your-crap I had planned; I'm impressed with social activism like… more »


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Code Project is Moving - Literally

The Code Project is one of my favourite programming resources these days, and has a prominent place on my personalized Google home page. But the link today to an interesting article was cut short by an interesting-looking announcement: We are Moving!… more »


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From The Ground Up

'Tis a sad thing - it looks like the server my site was on was essentially razed by a hacker. I'll pass along more details as I get them. Rather sad about the timing - I'd been having troubles getting a backup generated for a very long time, but was… more »


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Au Revoir

See you when I get back. Adam is in charge of spamwhacking until I get back (thank you, Adam!). I will have lots of stories to tell :) more »


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6% GST is Here

I didn't even notice it creeping up on us: the GST has been reduced from 7% to 6% here, just on the Canada Day weekend. We first encountered it waiting in line behind a couple of people making returns at a store. We wondered why it was taking such a… more »
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Space Not Expanding? and Other Questions

Not published yet, but came across this interesting paper which did a sort of Michelson-Morley experiment but for the expansion of space. The hypothesis being tested was that if local space was expanding, effects of this would show up if you let lasers… more »


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Scotland Chooses a National Anthem

Well, no' quite. It may not be official, but it was chosen in voting run by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. They had a choice between: Scots Wha Hae (Scots Who Have) Scotland the Brave (eminently recognizable when played on bagpipes) A… more »


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Coulter and Carlin on Leno

Tomorrow night (June 14th) on Leno: both right-wing hatemonger Ann Coulter and visceral ol' hippy George Carlin will be on. Will they directly address one another at all? Will they have each other's love children? I'm going to try to stay conscious… more »


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Hello Yourself, Moto

For Dena's birthday, we took the plunge into mobile phonedom. There have been a few times out on the road where my poor wife has had car troubles, or we've crossed wires, or what have you, so I took her off on the Sunday to get a mobile. (That, and I… more »


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A Big Intelligent Design Thread

I just had to link to the comments over on Sounding the Trumpet because I've been extraordinarily wordy in there, and occasionally lucid The two interesting personalities over there are 'High School Student' and Wayne Hollyoak. Wish we'd seen more of… more »


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I Am Lasered

After watching my wife enjoy a year and a half of good glasses-free and contact-lens-free vision from laser eye surgery, I decided to take the plunge myself. I went to the same outfit my wife did, Lasik MD. I had the consultation on Thursday. It's a… more »


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On The Eyeway

Well, I've got off and gotten myself a pair of glasses, my first in years upon years. I've been a contact lens wearer since the end of high school, and I sat on and destroyed my last pair of glasses some time ago. I don't remember when. This is so that… more »


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Seedy Saturday

The University of Calgary Community Garden is holding a Seedy Saturday this year on March 25 at the Montgomery Community Centre. It seems to be some sort of deal where folks sell and exchange open-pollinated seed, with an eye towards foodstuffs.… more »


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Europe 2005 Trip - Part I

This is going to take a while to put it together - I've barely covered the Geneva part of the trip, but I thought I might as well get a start on it. See the first part of the adventure here :) more »


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Prize Number Seven

I got a letter a while back from the people running the contest for International Truck & Engine, to the effect that I had won fourth prize in their contest, which was a remote-controlled vehicle. How cute, I thought. This makes my seventh win in… more »

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