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British Airways Infant Booking Trouble


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British Airways Infant Booking Trouble

As of right now, their online booking system does not handle infants very well.

Essentially, if your infant does not have its own seat, which is usual for a very young infant, your chances of online check-in seem to be slim to none. Now this may just be the case when you make a booking for a flight before your infant has a passport, which is surprisingly going to be the case when your baby has yet to be born when you make the booking, but that hardly excuses it.

Essentially, your check-in will be refused on the grounds "Passport information required", because the infant does not have its details entered. You will, however, not be able to enter the passport information online. The infant is associated with one of the other adults, and you can only enter the adult's passport information online.

Now web support was pretty good at getting us seats regardless, but had to bypass the system in order to do so.

At the airport on the way to the United Kingdom, we scanned in our infant son's passport when asked and then the check-in continued no problem. I thought this might make online check-in easy on the way back.

I was wrong. Their system either lost our son's passport information or never recorded it in their online system properly in the first place.

Considering that the online check-in is 24 hours ahead and the airport one doesn't open until 4 hours ahead, that can mean that unless you phone web support, you can miss out on seats with pretty important infant facilities like a mini-cot.

Bad bug, British Airways!

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