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Bad Driver Database


  10:58:29 pm, by Nimble   , 176 words  
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Bad Driver Database

Link: http://roadragers.com/

We encounter our share of bad, weird, drunk, inexperienced, inattentive, cell phone-using, extremely impatient and just plain dangerous drivers.

I had it in mind that I would love to start up a communal database of bad drivers - their license plates and what they did, as a communal warning system, and just to feel like I'm "doing something", even though I can do precious little about the drivers themselves, who generally evade police scrutiny. If we got repeats in the database, that would be a clue for high avoidance of said people, or perhaps actually getting on the phone and calling into the police when you encounter them yet again pulling the same crap, instead of just swearing and leaving them be.

I thought the disclaimer would have to be pretty interesting in order to do something like this. It would have to have no legal force.

As with many good ideas, somebody's already done it.

(Although, also, as with many good ideas, you don't know somebody's done it until you get the idea in your head :) )

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