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Back in Kampala


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Back in Kampala

The odd deal with splitting us into two groups in Rwanda to see the gorillas was one of the small scams they often pull over there, apparently. It's so that they can get two vehicle transfers out of you, doubling your fee, of course. They sent one group on a short trip, and the other (with Dena and I) on a medium trip, guaranteeing about an hour and a half to two hours' difference in trip time, so the first group to arrive back would be tempted to take the transport back. Thank goodness our first group stuck to its guns. We could have had a decently easy trek instead of a literally breath-taking one :)

Ah well, at least the staff heading up the mission was really nice :)

Back in Kampala, did Queen Elizabeth Park, which is a bit devoid of tons of animal life (they had a war there), and were there for two nights, which was a heavenly break from the mad dash out to see the gorillas. Some good old elephants there, and odd wildlife wandering the campgrounds (warthogs, Marabou storks, banded mongeese). Got a little clip of two elephants play-fighting, but not enough bandwidth to upload it from here :)

We woke up to find our tent bags dragged away by wildlife. That was interesting, especially since we discovered it at 5 am when we got up and it was otherwise dark.

Off to Jinja tomorrow for a record-breaking three nights. Yay!

Hope you all are taking care of yourselves :)

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