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Alt Keys in Firefox 2.0


  11:49:46 pm, by Nimble   , 143 words  
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Alt Keys in Firefox 2.0

Since I am running this blog on b2evolution, and since the built-in editor has a lot of ALT key shortcuts that I really like, when I upgraded to Firefox 2.0, it drove me nuts. The shortcut keys for italicizing and making links no longer operated.

Well, I did some investigation online, and there are two solutions at hand:

#1: Add in the SHIFT key. Firefox 1.x let you do Alt+A for links (anchors) in b2evolution. In 2.0, simply go Shift+Alt+A.

...but Shift+Alt+A is annoying.

#2: What you really want to do is go into about:config and change ui.key.contentAccess from 5 to 4. These represent the key codes for a lot of the built-in editors. From zero, add 1 for Shift, 2 for Ctrl and 4 for the Alt key.

I am now sane again, after having performed that obscure bit of surgery.

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