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All true wisdom begins with Cecil

09/26/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Silly

Link: http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a5_172.html

I'm a sucker for trivia sites. The best I'm aware of is "The Straight Dope" which has the most entertaining bits of patter about the oddest set of questions.

To person who swore that baked potatoes should always be wrapped in tinfoil with the shiny side out, please follow on the above link. If you don't feel like clicking the link, the summary is this: it really doesn't matter which side you use.

Ah, the internet. Home of all that is good, as well as those evil, eeeeevil nasty spambots.


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Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

I used to love the Straight Dope. Much more accessible in its modern-day incarnation as a website as it ever was as a syndicated column.

I remember the (short-lived?) TV show, too. It was great, but I recommended watching it to my Vancouver-side family… at just the episode where (and they’d never done anything like this before) they let people talk about their experiences literally microwaving pets, and this in front of a very, very soft-hearted animal lover.

I haven’t quite forgiven the Straight Dope folks for having done that, though I still like Cecil and the site.

09/26/06 @ 18:53
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