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A Week Left!


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A Week Left!

Great googly-moogly - there's a week and some handful of hours left until the wedding. Criminy! Lots of last-minute things to do, I'm sure, but we have covered off so many. We can't get away for an actual honeymoon, but we'll spoil ourselves for a couple of days - this sort of occasion doesn't come around very often!

One late-minute thing I covered off was to get the rings engraved on the inside. It has our names, the date of the wedding, and the phrase Anar ar isil in Tengwar as a nod to many things.

I got the engraving done at a little place in Eau Claire Market, called Signature Engraving & Gifts. My timing was pretty good - I had sent Francis Liu, the proprietor, the script as a graphic, and he had it ready to be queued up. For rings, he has a pretty interesting combination of an old program and a good chunky piece of hardware, basically a "ring plotter", that can engrave the writing and graphics on with a modicum of setup and some time.

The rings look pretty good. If I can figure out a way to take a good picture of them to show off the engraving, I will. Otherwise, you'll have to ask in person :)

Many things are coming together for the wedding. Now that we have confirmations, various people are really bellying up and helping us with a few responsibilities we really won't be able to do ourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We have a couple more things set. The parking we get to use is now the special event parking right next to the Zoo administration building, which is great - that's really close to the conservatory. We also have a booking for the gift opening. It will be at the Sheraton Cavalier at 4 pm the day after the wedding. As I found out a little too late, we will be sharing the premises with, I believe, an conference run by Athabasca University. Doh! As long as they don't take over the indoor water park, I'm fine :)

A shout out to everyone helping with the wedding. I hope it goes smoothly, that I don't stumble over my lines or pass out or get pooped on by the birds of the conservatory (perversely, that's supposed to be good luck for Scottish folks, but I can see that just being a rumour started to console the pooped-upon).

I'm taking the week leading up to the event off. I hope some relaxation is involved :)

Comment by Adam:

A wedding band inscription in elvish; that's beautifully geeky! I am in awe.

Comment by Lorelei:

I'll second that. :)

Comment by Adam:

..and I forgot to ask to see it during the wedding. Well, I'm sure there'll be many more years to ask about it :)

Comment by Ritchie:

Have we shown you yet? It'll have to be under good lighting conditions; the writing's small enough that reflections can throw you off.

Comment by Adam:

Nope. You'll need to remember to do that on Tuesday :) You're coming, right?

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