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A Place to Gather Intelligence on 1-800 Callers


  11:48:21 am, by Nimble   , 195 words  
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A Place to Gather Intelligence on 1-800 Callers

800notes.com is a simple site with but two purposes: letting people post information on persistent, unknown callers, and looking up such posted information.

It helped me look up our of our persistent nuisances, 1-800-566-8064, which seems to do cold calling as a business from the looks of the various different companies they say they represent when calling (often banks).

There were two posts for how to remove yourself from the list on the last page:

christina wrote:

if you do not want them calling press 1, then they will prompt you for you # area code + 7 digits, this is supposed to take you off their list within 72 hours...we'll see....

UPDATE: I can tell you for sure that christina's method did not work for me - I pressed 1 and someone immediately started into asking for Dena. Mleah.

Rob wrote:

Teresa Engle / COO / TEL 1-800-207-1983 x4500 calling this number will have u removed from this list.

I may look into this, because I'm fed up getting woken up by these people after late nights at the hospital.

P.S. Yes, I will get into details of the new baby and mom - looks like they might get to come home TODAY!


Comment from: Adam [Member]  

That’s excellent! Also, L2 wants to know if he shares a birthday with Clyde.

09/19/07 @ 17:08
Comment from: Auntie Enn [Visitor]  
Auntie Enn


09/19/07 @ 19:57
Comment from: Auntie Enn [Visitor]  
Auntie Enn

Details, we want details…

It is just so… so… “you", to leave the announcement as an afterthought footnote post-scripting a post about spam *snerk* ^_~

09/19/07 @ 21:24
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

Okay, okay, I’ve posted details :)

Yes, yes, it’s just like me, but you know I had to wait until I had time to post the full story :)

09/19/07 @ 22:20