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A Litany Of Fun Aliases


  01:24:00 pm, by Nimble   , 88 words  
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A Litany Of Fun Aliases

In our youth, when LANs were things you pretty much had to go to an office to get, when signing in after hours, we would often leave plausible-sounding spoof names instead of our real names.

So I'm just going to keep this post around as a spot I can just add silly names to as I think of them :)

  • Aidan Comfort
  • Anne Tracks
  • Bart Ender
  • Bo Ling
  • Bo Tai
  • Cole Lander
  • Lisa Carr
  • Perry Helion
  • Tanner Hyde

and some potential game aliases:

  • Crew Tonne
  • Seize Your Salad

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Comment from: Adam [Member]  

It’s 2018. What’re you still doing futzing around with a blog for? :)

04/17/18 @ 19:05

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