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"A Device Attached To The System Is Not Working"


  12:13:49 am, by Nimble   , 237 words  
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"A Device Attached To The System Is Not Working"

When trying to remote in to your machine, there are few things more aggravating than having it lead you through the motions, only to have a giant "A device attached to the system is not functioning" with a giant OK button.

You don't get to argue with it or even just find out the answer to the burning question: "Which $*#^@ing device do you mean??"

I have had this happen a couple of times, usually at the most inconvenient time possible, like when I have a presentation queued up on my desktop to show to people on the projection screen in the meeting room.

This time, I experimented, and I found something that worked. It was not what I expected at all.

The Remote Desktop Connection window has an Options >> button, one that I have never needed to look at. In this case, I decided - in desperation - to look at it.

Under the Local Resources tab, there are things like Remote computer sound and Local devices and resources.

In my case, I unchecked the Clipboard resource then clicked Connect, and it let me connect just fine.

(What? If the clipboard is malfunctioning, you won't let me see anything?)

If you are having this issue, it might be something similar. Uncheck devices, including ones that might be checked under the More... button in the Local devices and resources section of Local Resources, and success may greet you too.


Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

Ran into this problem again today, and disabling the devices was not enough.

What I ended up having to do this time was tell it to not be full screen. Then it was happy. I do not know why.

02/09/12 @ 13:51
Comment from: Piotr [Visitor]

Thanks, I had exactly same problem and disabling clipboard solved it!

05/24/13 @ 01:43
Comment from: CEP [Visitor]  

Many thanks to Nimble. Your solution also worked for me.

08/21/16 @ 23:39
Comment from: Carson [Visitor]

This also worked for me. Bizarre. Thank you!

10/26/17 @ 19:44