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Refuting Evolution by Jonathan Sarfati, Part II

07/25/09 | by Nimble | Categories: Religion, Science
[Other parts of the review] "The Basis of Modern Science" aims initially to show that a whole pile of very useful scientists were creationists. The list is a little laughable in that many of the members listed predate even Darwin's birth, but… more »

How Do You Identify Music Without A Title (Redux)

07/22/09 | by Adam | Categories: Music, iPhone
Back in 2006, I posed a question on the blog of how to identify music without knowing its name. Ritchie pointed me at Shazam shortly after correctly identifying the specific track via its lyrics instead. Since that time, Shazam has been ported to the… more »

Rebuilding the old tape collection

07/22/09 | by Adam | Categories: Music
When I first started buying music I had a choice of cassette tape or vinyl. For reasons mostly involving the availability of singles, I tended to buy on vinyl. After a while I'd accumulated a pretty good stock and found it was rather non-portable. A… more »

iPhone notepad

07/16/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
Daring Fireball has an interesting take on why the iPhone's note application is the pinnacle of the breed, with one of two minor niggles. I still can't agree: the time-based flat access system that John Gruber considers to be the appropriate design… more »