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Refuting Evolution by Jonathan Sarfati, Part I

06/18/09 | by Nimble | Categories: Books, Religion, Science
[Other parts of the review] I picked up this book at a charity book sale for the SPCA out in Cochrane. It is morbidly fascinating to see books that purport to take down an entire scientific edifice. I took a pencil with me when I first started reading… more »

Passing By Reference To SQL Server Stored Procedures

06/15/09 | by Nimble | Categories: Programming
This is pretty simple to accomplish, though how exactly to do it can be hard to find. Quite simply, you add OUTPUT to your parameter lists, on both your procedure definition and your actual call, like so: Defining: CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.TestValue… more »

Cool baby furniture

06/08/09 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
I'm not really a baby person, but this crèche furniture is quite appealing. more »