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ORA-06575: Package or function X is in an invalid state

If you go throw a function into Oracle, and it's wrong, e.g. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION Banana IS -- Oops, no return! BEGIN RETURN SUBSTUR('Banana',2,5); -- Oops, misspelled! END; You will get no warnings about this in most tools until it comes… more »


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Stein's "Just An Opinion" On Science

From a more recent episode of the "Why do people laugh at creationists?" series, Stein is shown being interviewed by Paul Crouch, Jr. on Trinity Broadcasting Network. The episode is here. Now, a lot of this particular episode is not all that… more »


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Satan Loves Low Cholesterol

Someone reposted a Kent Hovind video about the dangers of evolution. There was one slide that just caught my eye, because it was sitting in the freeze frame, ostensibly showing the evil population control that will be foisted upon us all: Reduce birth… more »


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Expelled! Race-Baiting Hooks A Few

Ah, Expelled! We knew it was going to be a propaganda-laden train-wreck from the start, despite repeated protests that because we hadn't even seen the movie, we were missing the point, or what have you. Well, it's an intellectual farce, and there are… more »


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String To Time In C#

If you are trying to get a time into a DateTime from a string, it's relatively easy: DateTime dt = DateTime.Parse(inputText,CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, DateTimeStyles.NoCurrentDateDefault); The NoCurrentDateDefault is pretty important. Otherwise,… more »


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Final Death of an Iconic Restaurant

The Westin's iconic, classy Owl's Nest restaurant, after morphing into the "O. N. Grill", which I did not have the chance to visit, has finally packed it in. What do we have there instead? A Keg. I do not like fancy restaurants, by and by, but the… more »