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ORA-06575: Package or function X is in an invalid state

04/30/08 | by Nimble | Categories: Thoughts, Programming
If you go throw a function into Oracle, and it's wrong, e.g. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION Banana IS -- Oops, no return! BEGIN RETURN SUBSTUR('Banana',2,5); -- Oops, misspelled! END; You will get no warnings about this in most tools until it comes… more »

Extension on Netfile deadline

04/30/08 | by Adam | Categories: Canadian
Anyone who's a little slow filing their taxes -- or putting it off to the last minute -- has found that Revenue Canada's Netfile system has been unusable for the last few days. Fortunately the filing deadline has been extended for a few days, although… more »

Oil versus Tar

04/30/08 | by Adam | Categories: Canadian
While working on a site up in Fort McMurray a few weeks back, I referred to the awful brewed coffee in the office as "tar sands sludge." I was then politely, but quite clearly, corrected. It is in fact "oil sands sludge" as only dirty hippies and… more »