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17.4 kHz

02/13/08 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
Over on his Facebook page, Ritchie made an offhand comment about still being able to hear 17.4 kHz. My first response was "huh?" The second response was a little smarter, involved Google and thus resulted in the link above. So, now I know the word… more »

Seeing Through Simulated Colour-Blind Eyes

02/13/08 | by Nimble | Categories: Distractions
There is a nifty site called VisCheck, a particularly interesting feature of which is the feature they have to show a web page as it appears to the colour-blind. It simulates three kinds of colour-blindness: Deuteranope, Protanope and Tritanope.… more »

Happy Darwin Day

02/13/08 | by Nimble | Categories: Announcements [A]
It's his 199th birthday! Stay safe, and keep yourself in the gene pool, kiddies! more »