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I've heard that before, but where?

04/26/07 | by Adam | Categories: Music
Recently I was listening to a track on a three CD Manfred Mann's Earth Band compilation called "Odds And Sods". The listing called it "Don't Bring Me Down (Castles Burning)". It's a great track and seemed very familiar. Since this was a live version I… more »

Farewell, Fedora

04/25/07 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
Over the weekend, the motherboard on my LINUX file server croaked. Fortunately, however, not the harddrives. I therefore constructed a cunning plan: instead of rebuilding the Fedora system, I would move to a standalone NAS which would be rather less of… more »

Appeal to patriotism

04/24/07 | by Adam | Categories: Canadian, Calgary
I live in what used to be Ralph Klein's riding here in Calgary. With his retirement, the seat is open for someone new so the political machines are getting warmed up. more »

Tolkien's "The Children of Húrin"

04/20/07 | by Adam | Categories: Potpourri
I really only have one question about this: will it be even less readable than "The Silmarillion"? Of course, it could be as dull as the "Books of Lost Tales". "The Hobbit" was a classic; "Lord of the Rings" was a rather fine read. After that, the… more »

The Saga of Bob

04/19/07 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Whining
I'm well aware that many computer geeks have, shall we say, limited interpersonal skills. Generally speaking though, you keep those ones away in a closet somewhere and do not make them customer facing. That rule normally applies within companies as well… more »

Yup, they think we're stupid

04/05/07 | by Adam | Categories: Potpourri
In my mailbox today was a letter postmarked from Spain, Madrid to be precise. I don't actually know anyone in Spain so gave it a look. Inside was -- oh, I can hardly contain myself -- a notice that I had a winning ticket in the "El-Gordo Sweepstake… more »

Alienating business plans

04/04/07 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Whining
I've been using DataViz's "Documents To Go" for years now on my Palm Tungsten. When I bought my Macintosh, I was delighted that they offered a OSX version as that made switching platforms easier. When v9 came out late last year, I paid the upgrade fee… more »
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