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Ted Morton?

11/27/06 | by Nimble | Categories: Thoughts, Politics
Has the Calgary Sun become less conservative over time, or is Ted Morton really that spookily right-wing a character? Dining on fabulous nosh at Willy's (and strangely, finding the owners had used turkey bacon as a substitute for bacon), I opened up… more »

Ze Frank

11/27/06 | by Adam | Categories: Silly
As a follow on from Ritchie's TED linkage, I thought I might point people at the full Ze Frank site. "Ze Frank" is a web comedian; he sticks up brief video skits on a regular basis which take the form of a face-to-face discussion with the audience.… more »

Soundtrack, "Run Lola Run"

11/27/06 | by Adam | Categories: Music, Reviews
I frequently buy soundtracks to films I've never seen, nor have any particular wish to see. A few years ago, a friend from Germany sent me a track called "Wish (Komm Zu Mir)" but no other information. I thought it was great, in a rather German… more »