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Day Against DRM : October 3

Taking a subject more near and dear to Adam's heart, Defective By Design has October 3rd announced as "Day Against DRM". That's a little better than the passive-aggressive I-won't-buy-your-crap I had planned; I'm impressed with social activism like… more »
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Esperanto Day: December 15

Okay, the warning is perhaps premature, but it could take a while to learn enough Esperanto to go along with the official 'day'. Having encountered Esperanto a long time ago as one of the more durable 'universal language' attempts around, it was funny… more »


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Guy Fox Attack

I haven't been particularly interested in politics apart from the past, okay, it's approaching a decade. In particular, though, anything that makes international travel less safe (I specifically told the travel agent to avoid all US stopovers for our… more »
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Retro Classics: 99 Bottles of Beer

Sometimes, there are sites that bring back waves of memory to crusty nerds such as myself. There is a site, which I believe has been around for quite some time, giving code examples of how to count down "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of… more »


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Fullmetal Alchemist

This anime series seems a lot like many other anime series to start with. Many of the typical anime drawings, character reactions, exaggerations and the like are present. There's a strength of story and characters that show up as you continue watching… more »
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Half-Life: Episode One

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this when I saw it in the store. If it was different from Half-Life 2 itself, wouldn't it be episode two? Is Half-Life 2 actually episode zero? Well, it is a sequel to Half-Life 2, and picks up pretty much at the… more »


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Hell Pizza?

I was looking at threads on Fark as usual and someon had posted a funny billboard as an ad for, well, the sign just listed at the bottom. So what is hell, then? About the funniest site for a pizza place I've ever seen. All the pizzas have… more »


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Anticrepuscular Rays

There was an interesting phenomenon that took place on the horizon opposite the sunset when we were leaving the Masai Mara game park one evening. It was a stark diagonal band in the sky, that resolved itself into a couple of bands a little later. Dena… more »


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Code Project is Moving - Literally

The Code Project is one of my favourite programming resources these days, and has a prominent place on my personalized Google home page. But the link today to an interesting article was cut short by an interesting-looking announcement: We are Moving!… more »


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This is a profoundly bizarre game. Cherokee plus science fiction. It's entertaining, but it will totally mess with you, at least for a while. Alright, the stars of the show are admittedly a little stereotypical, but it does square with the occasional… more »
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Sign Generator

Every now and again, you discover something that other people have already known about for quite some time. For me, that's the Custom Sign Generator Page. It's been a hard week of work for my dear wife, so I was enjoying myself, making signs and sending… more »


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Mad Labs

Caught this show on television tonight. It's a science show of the type that's been desperately missing from television for the better part of a decade, apart from perhaps Mythbusters: fun, madcap and informative. The episode today featured a dairy… more »


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Coco Brooks

Right next to Memory Express on 32rd, though the sign outside may bespeak a fancy bistro, it's nothing of the sort, really. It's a pretty casual place with lots of seating that serves individual pizzas, calzones, pasta and salads. The pizzas are… more »


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Inconsistent Shadows in the Microwave Background

I had always wondered whether the cosmic microwave background radiation ought to have shadows in it where it fails to shine through nearby clusters. Apparently, it should. Also apparently, it doesn't. At least, not consistently, and that's a problem.… more »


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From The Ground Up

'Tis a sad thing - it looks like the server my site was on was essentially razed by a hacker. I'll pass along more details as I get them. Rather sad about the timing - I'd been having troubles getting a backup generated for a very long time, but was… more »